Just Over Here, Making Local Media

This eponymous internet cubbyhole has gathered virtual dust in recent months, but I assure you, if you’re stumbling across this post, that my reporting chops have not gone entirely to seed.

In October 2016, TruthSayers News was launched by yours truly. The idea is to build toward a news outlet that isn’t reliant on a few big advertisers; a place where stories that need telling get told. The focus being so far on Ithaca and Tompkins County, New York, since that’s the place in the world where I find myself living and with the most knowledge of what’s happening, right now.

The local hospital, Cayuga Medical Center, has kept me the busiest. Since Cayuga Medical didn’t get a lot of critical coverage from other local outlets, particularly my former employer the Ithaca Times, there was plenty to say when TruthSayers launched.  One of the first stories I wrote on CMC was that nurses , who had been unionizing for a year and a half with little coverage of their complaints, were leaving CMC in a “mass exodus.” 

That trend hasn’t stopped, unfortunately for the patient care at the only hospital in this county of 100,000-plus people.  One very bad thing that happened there was one poor man who died in the emergency department waiting room.

Those are awful things to write about – of course, this being the business of news, that’s the sort of story the most people read.

It’s not all doom and gloom over at TruthSayers, but the idea is to keep punching up with stories that need telling from a perspective that is that of the every day person. There’s no lack of stories like that – the challenge right now is figuring out how to keep paying the rent. You can help me with that anytime at this link.

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